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Marjorie Crowley & Bob Fenton

Coastal Maine Knowledge for Maine Real Estate Buyers

Finding your dream property in Maine has never been easier!
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Representing Real Estate Buyers Anywhere on or near the coast of Maine
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Maine's Exclusive Buyer Broker

					Oceanfront Real Estate Specialist. Exclusively Representing Real Estate Buyers 
					in Mid-Coast Maine
I've been a Maine real estate broker since 1987 and an Exclusive Buyer's Broker since 1997.
I've always prefered representing buyers because I enjoy providing the services and information people need to discover and fulfill their dream of owning real estate in Maine. To that end, I've invested lots of time and energy in technology to keep pace with the way we all expect to get our information. I also spent a lot of time trying to anticipate what my clients need so they can focus on the things that are important to them. Over the years I've witnessed and appreciate all the complexities that surround a search to purchase property in Maine. And I've designed my specialized services to help people locate just the right property and guide them safely and wisely through the negotiation and acquisition of their real estate purchase.

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