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Finding your dream property has never been easier!
Buyer Representation for Coastal Maine Real Estate

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Buyer Representation for Coastal Maine Real Estate

There is a home somewhere on the coast of Maine that's perfect for you and it's our job to help you find it. We'll also help you negotiate your way to owning it. As you no doubt already know, the real estate buying process is becoming increasingly complex, with rapid changes and varying conditions in local markets. Our job, as experienced coastal Maine real estate professionals, is to offer local CoastWise knowledge .

Finding your dream property on or near the coast of Maine has never been easier!
As a newcomer to Maine, you'll appreciate the services that only an Buyer's Broker can give to newcomers. More and more buyers are finding this type of representation to be an enormous advantage in finding their dream home. And we've been representing real estate buyers on or near the coast of Maine since 1997. Please take a few minutes to look at our Testimonial Page which contains letters from our satisfied clients.

What is a Exclusive Buyer's Broker?

An Exclusive Buyer's Broker represents the consumer who is purchasing the property in a real estate transaction. This agent owes full fiduciary responsibilities to the real estate buyer. The buyer's agent works for the buyer client and has the client's best interests in mind throughout the entire real estate transaction process.

As a consumer, how often do you buy real estate property? Once, twice, three times in your lifetime? Purchasing real estate is a complex and major transaction with many details to be handled. In the majority of cases the seller will be represented by an agent. Wouldn't you want to have complete and fair representation in the real estate transaction? The Exclusive Buyer Broker is duty-bound to protect their clients' best interests. Research by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® has shown that when a buyer agent is used, the prospective buyer found their home one week faster and examined three more properties than those consumers who did not use a buyers agent.

Who Pays the Exclusive Buyer's Broker?

Almost without exception, the seller is going to pay an average of 6 percent of the sales price to a real estate firm. Most sellers agree to allow the listing agent to split the commission with the buyer's agent, which means the seller is paying the buyer's agent to represent the buyer against the seller. While many people think that whoever is paying the agent is the one getting the best representation, courts have made clear that paying an agent does not automatically mean the payor is the client.

Why would a seller agree to allow half of the commission to go to a buyer's agent who is representing a buyer against the seller? Simple -- the seller wants to sell. And as some real estate agents note, the transaction (your purchase money) really funds the commission. The whole idea here is fairness: If the buyer is bringing the money to the table to buy the house, shouldn't that buyer get representation? Finally, after nearly a century, the answer is yes.

The benefits of using an Exclusive Buyer's Broker

Using a Buyers Representative offers the consumer many benefits.
  • Evaluate the specific needs and wants of the buyer and locate properties that fit those specifications.
  • Assist the buyer in determining the amount that they can afford (pre-qualify) and show properties in that price range and locale the consumer has determined.
  • Assist in viewing properties and either accompany the client on the showings or preview the properties on behalf of the client to insure that the identified specifications are met.
  • Research the selected properties to identify any problems or issues to help the consumer in making an informed decision prior to making an appropriate offer on the property.
  • Advise the client on structuring an appropriate offer to purchase the selected property.
  • Present the offer to the sellers agent and seller on the clients behalf.
  • Negotiate on behalf of the buyer client to help obtain the identified property. Keep in mind that the buyer agent will be doing so with their clients best interests in mind.
  • Review and explain all legal documents to their buyer client.
  • Recommendations and assistance in securing appropriate financing for the selected property.
  • Provide a list of potential qualified vendors e.g. movers, attorneys, carpenters if these services are needed by the consumer.
  • Most importantly, the buyer would know that they are fully represented throughout the real estate transaction.

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