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Postcard from Bailey Island Maine - Mackerel Cove
One of the most picturesque small harbors in Maine

Mackerel Cove must be one of the most picturesque small harbors in Maine.
Easily accessible by boat and car, you'll frequently see visitors standing on the banks gazing at its simple beauty. Visitors are welcome to have a lunch on the banks where picnic tables encourage a family meal and shade trees offer relief during the warmer summer days. The banks to the north sweep up quickly to give you that wide, panoramic look-down view so well captured in photos. The cove itself is largely a traditional Maine working harbor. There are a few moored pleasure boats but they are clearly the minority to a larger fleet of working class commercial lobster and fishing boats. The cove is oblong in shape and offers protection from east-west winds, but is wide open to the south west. It is deep enough for sailboats to maneuver about. This is a photographer's delight!

There is a home somewhere on the coast of Maine that's perfect for you and it's our job to help you find it.
We'll also help you negotiate your way to owning it.  As you no doubt already know, the real estate buying process is becoming increasingly complex, with rapid changes and varying conditions in local markets.  Our job, as experienced coastal Maine real estate professionals, is to offer local CoastWise knowledge .

Finding your dream property on or near the coast of Maine has never been easier!
As a newcomer to Maine, you'll appreciate the services that only an Buyer's Broker can give to newcomers. More and more buyers are finding this type of representation to be an enormous advantage in finding their dream home.  We've been representing real estate buyers on or near the coast of Maine since 1997. Please take a few minutes to look at our Testimonial Page which contains letters from our satisfied clients.

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