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Dad & Daughter Fishing off a Dock for Mackerel in Maine
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4 mackerel - Coastal Maine Real Estate Listings

Memories are made from days like this — fishing for mackerel in Maine with Dad

Here are a few pointers for you parents who would like to help your kids get caught by something fun and worthwhile that will give them a lifetime connection to the outdoors.

Keep it simple.
There’s no need for a lot of fancy equipment. An inexpensive and simple fishing rod and reel will do. A small tackle box helps them learn about organization, and a handful of lures, hooks, leaders, weights and a bobber or two.

Get local knowledge.
Maine has so much water. Remember that almost all water bodies in Maine contain fish. And kids aren’t that picky. Go to the nearest lake or pond. Pan fish will do for starters. Rivers are trickier than ponds and lakes for small legs. To get kids started, find a dock on a lake or pond. Remember to have them wear a life preserver if fishing in an exposed place like a rocky point. Learn to cast a line before you go out with your child so you can teach them how. Once they learn to cast, they’re off and running. Your child will appreciate bigger hands helping out when things go wrong—which they will—including line tangles, lures caught in bushes, and snags on the bottom.

Don’t insist that kids clean and eat fish.
They may want to take the fish home just so they can keep looking at it and, maybe, eat it. They may want to throw the fish back. But they won’t know how to clean it. You’ll have to do that. If you do sauté it up, a little lemon, garlic and salt makes the smallest morsel of fresh fish into a gourmet treat. Fishing makes a difference. Find out how Maine educational programs are getting kids “Hooked on Fishing".

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School of Mackerel
School of Mackerel - Waterfront Property on or near the coast of Maine

4 Mackerel Caught in Maine
4 mackerel - Coastal Maine Real Estate Listings

Mackerel Fishing Bonanza
Mackerel Fishing Yeild Lots of Fish - Maine Oceanfront Real Estate Specialists

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