Postcard from Camden Maine

The schooners are wrapped in protective white shrinkwrap covering

The windjammers and schooners are wrapped in protective white shrinkwrap covering so they are not damaged by the cold and wind. Most of the boats have been removed from the harbor for the winter and stored in dooryards and boatyards. Winter repairs and maintenance is carried on beneath the high-tec makeshift protective white shrinkwrap covering. The water in the harbor freezes some years. Ducks still come around and look for tourists and handouts. The waterfall still runs and fishermen anxiously await the return of the eels. The fisherman will be putting out their nets to try to catch the teeny tiny eels as they try to migrate up the waterfall. The seals can also be seen swimming around looking to see if dinner is ready. Many come to Camden and Rockport looking for seals because of the (true) legend of Andre the Seal. The ducks, seals, eels, and fisherman work all winter, making the harbor a true working winter harbor and a scenic wonderland.

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